We live in a world that increasingly celebrates ground-breaking innovation, the next best thing, and pushing the envelope. It is a world where a minute saved is a dollar earned, where the quest for culinary convenience knows no bounds, and where access to real food is a luxury rather than a basic human right. But in the midst of this short-sighted race to break new ground, pad our pocketbooks, and sacrifice our stomachs, we are both knowingly and unknowingly causing the extinction of those wonderfully unique, and irreplaceably essential farms, foods, and food traditions that have come to us through centuries of blood, sweat, trial, error, evolution, chance, and magic.

However, despite the peril of our present situation, we find great encouragement in the growing number of consumers and producers who are seeking ways forward without losing track of the past, who are recovering and discovering heirloom foods and recipes, who are spearheading innovation which seeks to improve food quality rather than to compromise it, and who are fighting for our right to real, honest, sustainably-produced food.

OUR MISSION is to help create a vibrant and engaged Sustainable Food Community by: connecting people with exceptional farmers and food artisans; increasing our communal awareness of the social, political, economic, and environmental importance of actively supporting locally and sustainably produced food; by providing people with the tools, information, and techniques necessary to make farm-to-table cooking a positive and transformative experience; and by serving as a valuable Sustainable Food and Local Food Resource.